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December 2010

Hillcrest Science Club – Thurs 16th Dec 10

Hillcrerst School run a very popular science club after school every Wednesday. The club is attended by students from all years even Year 12! This week half of the group came over to have fun at the Physics Factory! Philip Jones

AQA AS ISA Day – Sheldon Heath – 16th December 2010

Teacher comments:

“An excellent day – a huge confidence boost for my students and for me”

“Excellent day – the genius is in its simplicity. Neil helped to explain how to achieve ‘top’ marks so everybody could understand (teachers and students)

Student comments:

“made me feel a lot more confident about doing ISAs”

“The terminology was well-explained and enabled me to use it correctly in the exam”

“I can now answer ‘wordy’ questions”

“This has been fantastic and made me feel much more confident when tackling the written section”

Physics Factory Blog named among top 50 Physics Blogs in the world!

Laboratory Technician.org name the Physics Factory’s site among their ‘top 50 Physics blogs’

“This blog, authored by Philip Jones, the Physics Factory director of learning, is aimed at stemming the decline of physics education in U.K. schools and universities and is focused on increasing Britain’s competitiveness in the global arena.  The Physics Factory project provides continuing education for teachers”

Robert Nigel Price (1953-2010)

Rob was the inspiration, body and soul behind the Birmingham Physics Factories that were set up last year.
He has left behind a great legacy of inspirational and engaging Physics teaching.
We will all miss you Rob.
Birmingham Science Team

Saltley School P2 IAA Training – Friday 10th December 2010

“The course provided good ideas for tackling IAA’s” - Teacher

“We’ll use the resources to help improve pupil attainment” - Teacher

“The presentation was two-way. Neil shared the ideas but then we discussed them – this was good” - Teacher

Holy Trinity AQA P2 Lesson Wed 8th Dec 2010

I would like to have more lessons at the Physics Factory because they are both informative and enjoyable! Student
Seeing the students doing the practicals has now given me the confidence to do them myself. Zelliah Jones, Head of Science

James Brindley OCR P3 Lesson Tue 7th Dec 2010

I enjoyed the stopping distance activity, I didn’t realise the distances you travel when you see, react and brake were so large! Student

Kingsbury School – AQA P2 revision sessions – 26th November and 3rd December

Year 11 students from Kingsbury school visited the Sheldon Heath Physics Factory for two revision sessions before January’s P2 exam.

“I enjoyed solving questions that related to what we’ve done and getting them correct! Also, the demonstrations made things more clear and helped with understanding”

” I liked all the practical demonstrations and the in-depth discussions and explanations”