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Monthly Archives:

February 2011

Swanshurst Year 10 (Group 2) – OCR P3 Forces and Transport – Thursday 17th February 2011

Swanshurst Year 10 (Group 1) – OCR P3 Forces and Transport – Tuesday 15th February 2011

Year 11 Lordswood Boys – P2 Topic 10 Roller Coasters and Relativity – Monday 14th February 2011

It was a good opportunity to be reminded of good learning and teaching strategies such as using show me boards and making everything relevant to everyday life. Lydia Hendrickse, Lordswood Boys teacher.

KEFW Year 7 Physics Factory Ambassadors Club

The Physics Factory has recently appointed a group of Year 7 students to become Physics Factory Ambassadors! The group meet every Friday lunchtime.

Lordswood Boys AQA AS ISA Day – Friday 11th February 2011


James Brindley OCR P2 & P4 Radioactivity Lesson – Thursday 10th February 2011

Handsworth Wood Girls AQA P3 Lesson – Tuesday 8th February 2011

I enjoyed all the practical activities and found every bit of the lesson interesting! Student 

Lordswood Girls talk about the Physics Factory

Braidwood Year 8 & 9 forces and motion lesson – Friday 4th February 2011

What a great morning! The students loved today’s lesson, it is the talk of the school. Our other pupils are now asking when can they go! Anne Tucker (Braidwood School)