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July 2012

12th July 2013 St Nicholas Alcester Primary Music Challenge

Around 36 Year 5 pupils from Alcester had a busy day taking part in the Primary Science of Music Challenge. This comprised every pupil helping with demonstrations about sound and vibrations, calculating the length needed and making thongophones, working out the volume of a wine glass and playing a piece of music as a team, preparing PowerPoint slides about what they had learnt and finally giving an interactive show about the Science of Music to their parents and Year 6′s.

16 July 2013 St Huberts Y6 Forces and Rockets workshop

Forces can be fun! That was the conclusion after Y6 audience participation in demonstrations of how forces have direction and size (opening a syrup tin with a hammer), how they can effect objects (28 young Andy Murreys!), Newtons three laws of motion (including hovering ping-pong balls and paperclips – N1, accelerating balloons and eggs – N2, a pop-pop boat, bed springs – N3. Each child also took part in the balancing a Helium balloon practical, the rocket balloon race and firing water rockets over the school field!

11th July 2013 Bidford School Y5 Primary Music Challenge

10th July 2013 Al-Hijrah School Electricity Teachers CPD

Four Science teachers at Al Hijrah school, who will be teaching the whole of Edexcel’s IGCSE, enjoyed trying out over 25 practicals about Electricity, Electrostatics and Electromagnetism in a half-day CPD session. We also discussed, and demonstrated how to use, different models for teaching and learning about electrical circuits.

NUC Subject Enhancement Course Day 6 – Earth in Space – Thursday 19th July 2012

You have both baffled and amazed me. You have inspired me to research it! Stuart.

A fantastic topic to end the two weeks on! Really interesting and fun. Laura Balding.

Sad to be leaving! Stephen Parkes.

NUC Subject Enhancement Course Day 5 – Light & Sound – Wednesday 18th July 2012

I loved every second of today! Year 10 work experience student.

NUC Subject Enhancement Course Day 4 – E.M.S. & Radioactivity – Tuesday 17th July 2012

NUC Subject Enhancement Course Day 3 – Electricity & Magnetism – Friday 13th July 2012

Massive eureka moment when Phil was using the sweet model to explain voltage and current, now I finally understand! Ahsum Khan.

Excellent day, keep up the enthusiasm! Gary Lawrence.

NUC Subject Enhancement Course Day 2 – Forces & Motion – Wednesday 11th July 2012

Excellent and engaging explanations for Newton’s laws of motion. I previously just memorised the wordy definitions, but now I feel my understanding is where it should be for effective teaching.  Laura Balding.

I now feel a lot more comfortable about teaching forces and motion to a class and making it enjoyable. Darcie Tyler-Henley.

NUC Subject Enhancement Course Day 1 – Energy – Tuesday 10th July 2012

Completely not what I expected, very engaging and enjoyable! I’ve always thought of physics as a very dry subject, I realise now it is anything but! Laura Balding.