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March 2015

11/03/15 London Physics Factory – KS4 Space

The course was held at City Academy and was attended by 13 teachers.


“These courses need to be longer!” Delegate

05/03/15 London Physics Factory – KS4 Radioactivity

The course was held at Oaklands School and was attended by 12 teachers.


“All the experiments are so simple but very effective!” Delegate

03/03/15 – Exscitec Training (Burntwood School, London) – KS3/4 Electric Circuits

The course was attended by 8 teachers.


100% said the course was either good or very good

88% said the course was very good


“Devastatingly simple and effective models!” Delegate

“The only way to make the training better would be to make it longer!” Delegate

“This was the best CPD session I’ve ever attended!” Delegate

“I think the range of simple but highly effective practicals/demonstrations will enable any students I teach in the future gain a much better understanding of the topic.” Delegate

Prince’s Teaching Institute – Sat 28th Feb 2015

“I loved the magnetic field demonstrator, it’s such a simple idea to demonstrate the magnetic field around a bar magnet!” Delegate


The Magnetic Field Demonstrator can be purchased from SciChem (catalogue number XMG470010)