Today Greenwood Academy brought 25 students to Newman University to do their practical investigations for their Edexcel P1 and P2 Controlled Assessments. The practicals involved investigating the relationship between the object and image distance from a converging lens and how the brightness of a bulb affects the resistance of an LDR.

The behaviour and effect of the students was amazing! They were a real credit to their school, please come again!

Comment from student:

“It was really nice being out of school for the day, the laboratory at Newman University is amazing! The atmosphere was really friendly and relaxed, I can’t believe how much work we did.”

Comment from Brendan Cunnane, Head of Science:

The visit to Newman yesterday with 11A to complete their two controlled assessment experiments was a huge success. All of the pupils were brilliant all day and they coped with having 6 hours of physics very well. Philip Jones was very complementary about the pupils. I can honestly say that it is the best practical work I have seen from any class in 6 years of being at the school.