Four schools attended the event held in Hillcrest’s main hall. The event took on an Olympic theme and focused on Archery. The groups had to design rockets to consistantly hit a target placed at the other end of the assembly hall. They also had to come up with a way of aiming the rocket consistently. All the Girls that took part really seemed to engage with the task they had 1 hour to design, practice and refine there shooting skills. At the end of the event each turn took part in a shoot off against the other team. 2 minutes per team to shoot as many rockets as possible at the target and score as many points as possible. This made all the groups work hard as a team. Teams were also graded on team work and asthetics of their rocket design. Lordswood Girls came out on top as out and out winners, St Pauls, Edgbaston and Hillcrest missing out by a small margin. Every one in the winning team was presented with an Acamedese screw water fall as a prize for their enginuity. The event seemed to be well enjoyed by all that attended and I will definately repeat this activity again with other year groups with in the school. We enjoyed the experience and it also was envaluable training for my Physics NQT in developing the event.