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Monthly Archives:

April 2010

KS3 Physics Training Day 2 (Light and Sound) Thurs 29th April 2010

The Physics Factory set up for the KS3 Light and Sound training day.

Delegates all smiles after their day at the Physics Factory

CLEAPSS Radiation Protection Supervisor Course (Tue 27th April 2010)

25 delegates today attended a CLEAPSS RPS course held at the Physics Factory. Many thanks to Brian Betts from CLEAPSS for delivering a successful course. Many thanks also to Bob Billingsley from BASS for organising the event.

Lordswood Girls EDEXCEL P1b Grades

Lordswood Girls’ School student said:
“The Physics Factory is really good, and I thoroughly enjoy my time here :) It’s the highlight of my week!”

Yardleys EDEXCEL P3 Medical Physics Lesson

‘I enjoyed learning about PET and CT scans because I did not know before how they worked. Learning how they worked was very enjoyable for me.’

Physics Factory Open Day (Wednesday 21st April 2010)

john booth said:
Another very well organised and presented day
a real pity many teachers were unable to attend due to the icelandic volcano
but thats how science works sometimes

KS3 Physics Training Day 1 (Forces and Motion/Space and Gravity) Wed 21st April 2010

A great day of interactive and enthusing activities for physics at KS3. It will enable me to teach physics with confidence in the classroom and has given me ideas with various up to date equipment.

Bordesley Green Girls EDEXCEL P3 Revision Class (Pulse Oximetry & ECG)

Summary of Lesson Evaluation Forms

Lesson: Pulse Oximetry and ECG
Exam Board/Unit: EDEXCEL P3 Medical Physics
Group: High Ability Year 11 Girls

21 students
100% of students said they thought the lesson was very good
100% of students said they had learnt a lot during the lesson
100% of students said they would like to attend more lessons at the Physics Factory

Note: 12 students said at the start of the lesson that they want to study Physics at A Level.