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16 July 2013 St Huberts Y6 Forces and Rockets workshop

Forces can be fun! That was the conclusion after Y6 audience participation in demonstrations of how forces have direction and size (opening a syrup tin with a hammer), how they can effect objects (28 young Andy Murreys!), Newtons three laws of motion (including hovering ping-pong balls and paperclips – N1, accelerating balloons and eggs – N2, a pop-pop boat, bed springs – N3. Each child also took part in the balancing a Helium balloon practical, the rocket balloon race and firing water rockets over the school field!


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  1. ‘We learnt about what forces can do and about Newton’s force of gravity’ Y5 Pupil from St Huberts Catholic Primary School
    ‘Best was the floating paperclip!’ Y5 Pupil from St Huberts Catholic Primary School

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