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January 2012

Swanshurst School OCR P3 Forces and Motion Day – Tuesday 31st January 2012

23 girls from Swanshurst had an intense day of Physics Fun!

Mr Braim experiencing balanced forces at speed!

Ogden Trust/Physics Factory Year 11 G&T Lesson – Tuesday 31st January 2012

Hillcrest, King Edward VI Five Ways, Lordswood Girls, St Paul’s School for Girls and Edgbaston High School for Girls each brought six Year 11 G&T students to the first Ogden Trust/Physics Factory masterclass.
The students took part in lots of fun activities to do with forces and motion and electricity.
The students were awesome and a real credit to their schools! 

Braidwood Year 8 Forces and Motion Lesson – Tuesday 31st January 2012

Cardinal Wiseman School – Year 11 P3 Revision

20 Year 11 students worked really hard today on a tough day of P3 revision in preparation for Monday’s exam. Good luck to all!

Shenley Yr 7 – Friday 27th January 2012

Today a year seven group from Shenley learnt how Forces can be lots of  fun!!!!! They were so well-behaved and enthusiastic that we completed five practical activites in two hours!! They whizzed rocket balloons across the lab, made helium balloons hover in the air, created magic snow, watched the amazing putt-putt boats and sped across the lab on the hovercraft.

Gisela Stuart, Labour MP for Birmingham Edgbaston – Thursday 26th January 2012

Many thanks to Gisela Stuart (Labour MP for Birmingham Edgbaston) for finding the time to visit the Physics Factory today. She was given a tour and met a number of students who have been taught by the Physics Factory.

Mojo – Monday 23rd January 2012

Dear Philip

I have my MOJO back. It may sound cliched but The Physics Factory course last summer has genuinely changed my teaching of Physics.

For the first time in my teaching career, I am confident with my ability to teach Physics and I am thoroughly enjoying it. My lessons are great fun and the pupils are engaged in a stimulating learning environment.

I can see the big picture now. I never imagined that Physics could actually be interesting (in fact, I now find it fascinating!!)
Aint life wierd!
Cheers Philip and kindest regards

Ruth Park

Al-Hijrah School (Yr 11 Girls Group) – Wednesday 18th January 2012

Al-Hijrah School today brought their top ability Year 11 girls group to the Physics Factory. The group were taught the gases and pressure section from the EDEXCEL P3 topic called Particles in Action. Their teacher enjoyed the Magdeburg hemispheres activity!

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Zahraa Karim – 13th January 2012

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